After Dark Design was founded by Deborah Harper in 1995 with a mission to serve clients who need an experienced designer and personalized service at a reasonable price. The name of the company was the result of a brainstorming session with her two boys who were  3 and 7 at the time. They knew that when bedtime arrived it was time for Mom to do her "after dark" work. The name has continued to represent her night owl nature in doing the best work after the sun goes down and house grows quiet.


Deborah is an experienced visual designer and professional educator. Her diverse capabilities include traditional print graphic design, email and social media marketing, photography, animation, video filming/editing and web design.


Her recreational creative passions involves photography, collage with textiles and found objects as well as greeting card design. She has been activating the love of learning and design collaboration in young adults for 24 years. Prior to becoming a teacher, Deborah spent 10 years as the founder and CEO of Harper and Company which was  a 1.4 million, award-winning high tech, software and educational product marketing and advertising agency.

Deborah Harper

Founder & CEO

My passion is people. I love the discovery process and creating visual expressions in many forms of media. After working in the creative field for nearly 4 decades, I can honestly say that nothing gives me more pleasure than to bring an idea to life. Whether it be creating a social media campaign or birthing a new brand identity, it's all about the process of bringing people together.

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